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We know building a home is one the most important decisions you'll ever make. That is why we developed a web site with information about Jim Nichols Construction Company, to help you be assured that the Contractor you decide on to build your new home, or help with that addition or remodel that old room, has the knowledge and experience that you need.

Jim Nichols Construction Company is owned by James R Nichols, who has been in the home building for over 35 years. He is a local resident and prides himself in the construction of the homes that he builds. He has built first homes, second homes for the same clients, their childrens homes, their neighbors. The best and most confident decision you can make on chosing a Contractor, is ask around. Do research, ask your friends, your neighbors, check with your local Building Dept.. You want to find a person behind a name that people recognize in a positive manner. You will find that here at Jim Nichols Construction Co. We have built Custom Homes, Modulars, and Log Homes. We work with our Clients to find out exactly what type of Home you would like and try to the best of our ability to make that dream come true, with as much ease as possible.

We also like to reassure you with the production of your home and the quality work that goes in it by each and every sub-contractor that may be involved in your home. We here at Jim Nichols Construction Co. have worked with our Subs. for several years. We have established a relationship with them, where they are just as concerned about your home as Mr. Nichols. There is a quality of work that is expected and thats why once you have established that with a Sub-contractor you use them for all your jobs.