Jim Nichols Construction Company... Quality built custom homes in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia by Jim Nichols Construction Company

Antique Log Homes can be reconstructed, renovated or we can build a new log structure. Our project manager Matt Spaid can build your dream log cabin, with 15 plus years experience in historic and period building replication.


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3 loghomes4
4 loghomes3
5 loghomes2
6 loghomes1
7 loghomes_retreatcabin
8 loghomes_retreatcabinbathro
9 loghomes_front
10 loghomes_sideview
11 loghomes_retreatcabinkitche
12 loghomes_retreatcabinliving
13 loghomes_windows
14 loghomes_door


Let Mr. Nichols transform your idea into your dream home!

Call or EMAIL us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your antique log home.

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